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The "About Me Page" is always a pain to write in my opinion.  You are supposed to share some part of you for people to connect with so they want to employ your services or at the very least reach out to you to learn more about what you have to offer.

I guess it's more like small talk, and that is not something I'm really skilled in at all.  You wouldn't know this by reading this, but this is actually my fifth revision in the last 30 minutes.  Everything I wrote sounded fake.  So, I'm gonna try to just "talk" instead.        

When I got into photography, it was as a form of communication.  Initially, I shot landscapes and other locations I may have found during daily travels.  These images would in many cases spark a conversation about where I was and why I was there.  

Then I decided I wanted a new challenge...photographing people.  But I wanted to be different.  I needed my images to communicate this...my vision..to others as well.  So I experimented with different lighting setups in various locations to bring my ideas to life and it was a great feeling!

When I work with clients, my goal is to give them the same.  That amazing feeling of successfully creating and sharing their vision with others.  It could be something as "simple" as a headshot or something more complex like a portrait combing multiple concepts specific to them.  It really doesn't matter as long as we are creating the image...the vision...you desire and need.

So with that being said, tell me....what's your vision?


"My objective was a clear and polished headshot, where I appeared professional, confident, and competent. Darque knew exactly how to position me and was able to get the lighting and equipment just right to capture the shot."

- T. Stark  EdP

"Darque is a master of his craft. From the initial contact via email to the actual session, he was very responsive and professional. His attention to detail was truly second to none."

- C. Aubry

"I have worked with Darque Room Images for almost two years now and every time it's a great experience. He is always wonderful to work with and always takes amazing images."

 -  Tia B.

"Amazing photographer, fun to work with, beyond amazing photos!!"

 -  Lexxi D.

"One of the greatest photographers in the game. Very detailed and professional."

 -   Queen Size Magazine

"Spectacular! Personable and professional and would recommend this photographer any day of the week! He provides magazine quality images, and very quick turnaround. I had a great experience working Darque Room Images!"

 -   Kayla C.

".... most of what makes our images so good are Darque's ideas! I'm just there.  He definitely has an awesome artistic eye!"

-  L.  Atwood

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