About Me - Darque Room Images

Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the internet.  I look forward to speaking with you all about your photographic needs and how I can be of service.

But this page is supposed to be about me so lets talk about me then.  I have a tendency to see things for what they could be not for what they are.  I am a self proclaimed foodie.  Yep I like to try new foods...but nothing too over the top. It took me a few years to try fries and a milkshake.

I could say I'm just an overall nice guy, but you will find that out when we shoot.  Until then, just trust me and take my word on that.

Can't wait for our next session.


"I have worked with Darque Room Images for almost two years now and every time it's a great experience. He is always wonderful to work with and always takes amazing images."

 -  Tia B.

"Amazing photographer, fun to work with, beyond amazing photos!!"

 -  Lexxi D.

"One of the greatest photographers in the game. Very detailed and professional."

 -   Queen Size Magazine

"Spectacular! Personable and professional and would recommend this photographer any day of the week! He provides magazine quality images, and very quick turnaround. I had a great experience working Darque Room Images!"

 -   Kayla C.

".... most of what makes our images  so good are Darque's ideas! I'm just there.  He definitely has an awesome artistic eye!"

-  Lauren A

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